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According to Maya Angelou, people bear many stories inside, and they feel agony if can't share those stories to the world. The fastest and safest cure from this agony is writing or, to be particular, self-analysis through different writing practices. It reminds meditation and doesn't require any plagiarism checker software, as this technique is not about copying or paraphrasing others but dealing with internal problems. ...continue reading "Self-Analysis Through Writing and Critical Reading"

Deadline: June 20th 2016.
This summer Everyday Analysis will publish an online collection of articles on the subject of Politics in attempt to expand the conversations in our forthcoming book Politactics, out later in the year with Zero Books.
If you have an article on politics that you would like to contribute to the edition ...continue reading "EVERYDAY ANALYSIS QUARTERLY CFP: POLITICS"

Pleased to share with you the cover of our forthcoming book Politactics: Political Conversations from Everyday Analysis, which is in production now and will be released later in the year.

The book is our most directly political and represents a move away from theorizing the entertainment industry and towards the analysis of our contemporary political climate. The ...continue reading "POLITACTICS"

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat” – Martin Brody – Jaws (1975)

When the British Natural Environment Research Council asked the general public to participate in an act of engagement to help decide the name of their new £200m research vessel, they were probably expecting a flood of dignified and courteous responses. ...continue reading "BOATY MCBOATFACE AND THE NEED FOR CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE"

Whilst not so very long ago the notion of the drone evoked a sense of foreboding not unlike that which accompanies the digestion of a Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report, or a revisiting of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, recent events suggest that consideration of this technology has been defanged, recasting it with the banal aspect of ...continue reading "DRONES, PANOPTICISM, AND OSSUARIES"

In a week where Corbyn was blasted by Cameron for the cheap appearance of his suit, it is interesting that a reference to the importance of one’s suit in a fictional Channel 4 TV programme has gone unnoticed. ...continue reading "GETTING SHIRTY: CAMERON’S SUIT, FRESH MEAT AND MAGICAL REALISM"

Football Manager is a big deal. It has been a contributing factor in dozens of divorce cases. It has been the subject of two films and has had a best-selling book written about the lives it has destroyed. At the Edinburgh Fringe festival, an entire standup routine is dedicated to the game and its ability ...continue reading "FREUD AND FOOTBALL MANAGER"

As an April Fool’s joke in 2013, after eight years in existence, YouTube posted a video announcing that they would finally be choosing the ultimate winner of YouTube and that the fun was over. If only this had been for real (but think what we would have missed out on!).

So here we’re asking, from ...continue reading "HEGEL AND NYAN CAT"

“Satellite’s gone, way up to Mars, Soon it will be filled with parking cars”

-Lou Reed, Satellite of Love

In his lecture at the end of The Martian, Mark Watney tells a theatre full of aspiring, dreamy-eyed astronaut candidates,and the audience: “At some point, everything is going to go south on you… and you’re going to say: ‘this is how I end.’ Now you can either accept that or you can get to work. … You do the math. You solve one problem…Then you solve the next one. … And if you solve enough problems you get to come ...continue reading "SPACE COWBOY CAPITALISM: THE MARTIAN"

At the risk of over-simplification, the French Marxist Louis Althusser’s development of his theory of ‘interpellation’ is incredibly useful for understanding the extent to which our subjectivity—or the discourses through which we can articulate what it means to be a ‘self’—is shaped by all manner of ‘simple’ and ‘everyday’ things, such as pop music. ...continue reading "HOW SOON IS NOW? INTERPELLATION AND POP MISERY"