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Running is not an option. Zombies are clawing their way into our homes and getting to our brains. They have invaded comics, literature, TV, film, music videos and games. Now, barely a day goes by in which the internet doesn’t make reference to a zombie apocalypse. We’re all infected.

The Resident Evil video game series ...continue reading "ZOMBIES AND PHILOSOPHY"

The group behind the Facebook application Scrabble posts a picture of tiles reading ‘M3O1M3E1N1T1S1’, asking ‘how many words can you create?’ The comments beneath are unanimous: ‘pity the letters C, R, A, P weren’t there!’, ‘you caused upset worldwide the MOMENT you changed all this’, ‘your new format is rubbish!’; plainly: ‘bring back the ...continue reading "THE SCRABBLE SQUABBLE; OR, THE PLIGHT OF ONLINE OPPOSITION"

Jacques Lacan at the start of his seminar on The Ethics of Psychoanalysis states that desire ‘is always desire in the second degree, desire of desire.’ He then discusses how ‘the value of a thing is [in] its desirability[;] the point is to know if it is worthy of being desired, if it is desirable for one ...continue reading "CONSUMERO EX NIHILO: ‘AIR IS PART OF THE RECIPE’"