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Recent scientific developments in cell research have re-opened questions of sexuality and genetics, a subject worthy of far more detailed discussion than a short Everyday Analysis article can provide. It’s another aspect of the ‘debate’ which is the issue here; the use of phrases and language which insist on the ‘age-old’ nature of these debates ...continue reading "BIG QUESTIONS, AGE-OLD DEBATES, AND PROBLEMS WE WILL NEVER SOLVE"

Big data is huge. In a matter of months the phrase has come from nowhere and is now a regular feature in newspapers, in adverts and on social media. The Guardian continue their campaign against the National Security Agency, which needs little introduction now; the NSA have long been collecting and storing data from hundreds ...continue reading "BIG DATA, THE NSA, AND HEIDEGGER’S ‘STANDING RESERVE’"

There is a certain neoliberal ideal involved in the notion of self-expression. The injunction – ostensibly permissive – to put pen to paper, or whatever artistic tool to whatever artistic medium, and to vent one’s spleen and ‘get it all out’ through artistic ‘catharsis’ creates the ubiquitous singer-songwriter, poet and painter, bemoaning their losses and ...continue reading "A PLEA FOR SELF-EXPRESSION(ISM)"