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There are currently three main remedies for outbreaks of the herpes simplex virus, or cold sore, available over the counter: the lotion, the protective patch, and the “invisible light treatment machine”. Whatever their relative merits as palliative treatments, what allows three so different products to simultaneously claim to achieve the same thing is the radically ...continue reading "THREE COLD SORE TREATMENTS"

The emphasis on the ‘live’ nature of football coverage on SkySports has become something of a joke lately in football circles. Before each kick-off, official ‘commentator of the decade’ Martin Tyler, now with an emphasis so great it’s as if he’s trying to outdo last week’s performance in a kind of parody, shouts, ‘and its ...continue reading "SKYSPORTS LIVE!!!! AND ALAIN BADIOU’S ‘EVENT’"

Pop music has a longstanding interest in the way that traces of our former lovers remain stubbornly associated with places and material objects long after the affair is over. The jazz standards I’ll be Seeing You and These Foolish Things, Bacharach and David’s Always Something There to Remind Me, and Paul McCartney’s Junk all adopt ...continue reading "AN ARCHIVE OF YOUR EX"

What is your relation to democracy as such? Your group maintains that ‘the principle of democracy [is] that every-one counts as one’. But you don’t vote, you don’t participate.

Democracy doesn’t exactly mean that all individuals are counted as one in their own right. It’s a matter of knowing how we are counted by the ...continue reading "THE REVOLUTION, AS IT’S BEING TELEVISED… BRAND, BADIOU AND VOTING"