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‘Suppose someone unthinkable for us, one of those gentlemen who, we are told – if indeed any have ever existed, don’t believe I attribute any importance to such hearsay – was ever capable of such self-discipline that he no longer believed in Father Christmas’. ...continue reading "SECRET SANTA: A CHRISTMAS ANALYSIS"

Nelson Mandela’s recent death has been overshadowed, it seems, by two events which took place at his memorial service; the first a ‘selfie’ taken by Danish Prime Minister Hella Thorning-Schmidt, which also features Barack Obama and David Cameron, and the second a controversy surrounding the sign language interpreter employed to translate the speeches at the ...continue reading "NELSON MANDELA: SYMBOL OR ALLEGORY?"

Nebraska examines an old alcoholic’s delusion that he has won a million dollars in a junk mail sweepstakes. His son indulges him so far as to take him on a road trip to collect the “winnings”; and when the two stop at the old man’s hometown, his claims about the money provoke both excited good will ...continue reading "NEBRASKA: MY MIRACLE, MY RIGHT"

Oscar Wilde said that ‘nature imitates art’, as opposed to the other way round. It is through such a statement that we might be able to investigate the phenomena of genre fiction – in so many areas of culture – and its consequences. Broaching the subject invites fire from two camps, that bivouac on either ...continue reading "READING BETWEEN THE LINES OF WHAT STAYS WITHIN THEM: GENRE FICTION, NORMALITY, AND ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURE"