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Last week, it was announced that Jean Paul Gaultier – the French designer and one-time l’enfant terrible famous for his corset bras – will stop producing ready-to-wear clothes for both men and women in order to focus on his haute couture collections and perfume. For the fashion world, shock was followed by sadness: was this yet another example of fast-fashion commerce destroying creativity? ...continue reading "JEAN PAUL GAULTIER AND KARL LAGERFELD: SYMBOL VERSUS ALLEGORY"

One of the latest videos to go viral in recent weeks centres around a young girl howling with despair at the thought of her baby sibling growing up, and her own fear of dying ‘at one hundred’. The general cyber consensus of this video, which has been seen over 28 million times on YouTube, is that this is a moment of undeniable ‘cuteness’, a claim that is perpetuated by saccharine blogging sites who share the video, for example ‘Hello Giggles’. ...continue reading "ABYSSAL CUTENESS"