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A guest post by R.M. Christofides

The Chelsea fans who, with neo-colonialist, Brit-aboard arrogance,
racially abused a black man on the Paris Metro have added to the long list of
racist incidents in the game recently. Still ongoing is the investigation into Malky
Mackay’s leaked communications; still ringing in the ears are the words of ...continue reading "FOOTBALL’S SLY INCIVILITY"

Charles Baudelaire wrote of the ‘religious intoxication of great cities,’ suggesting that the modern city appeals in an opiate way, as religion did. Years later Walter Benjamin wrote that Baudelaire was right, and that ‘the department stores are the temples consecrated to this intoxication.’ For Benjamin the department store was a ...continue reading "SPIKES, SHOPPING AND SELFRIDGES"

The following are three of the best examples from a large number of ‘children’s jokes’ doing the rounds on social media at the moment. Our interest in them has even been picked up by some papers, who call them in their headline ‘adorably awful kids jokes that will still make you laugh.’ But why do ...continue reading "JOKES CHILDREN TELL AND WHY WE LIKE THEM"