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The Labour leadership
election is proving to be a dull and meaningless contest. It’s
drawn-out, lengthy and three of the four candidates are ultimately ‘blue
Labour’. However, the fourth candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, differs hugely from the
likes of Burnham, Kendall and Cooper. Corbyn really is a traditional Labour
candidate and would put Labour’s place on the political spectrum back
where it belongs and regain the vast number of lost socialist voters who have,
in recent elections, voted Green or not at all.

Corbyn looks to be
the favourite for the leadership, as shown in a recent opinion poll by YouGov
with Burnham second, Cooper third and Kendall stone dead last with (justified) calls
for her to step down from the contest.

But, the Tories are
loving the fact that Corbyn is the favourite.

Conservatives feel that
Labour cannot win the 2020 election with a left-wing leader. Ed Miliband,
although actually not that left, lost dramatically because he was seen as too
left-wing for the country. At least, that’s what most
Tories would have one believe. Most Tory supporting papers, such as The
Times, are getting behind Corbyn for this very reason. They believe he can’t
win an election and that the Conservatives will easily regain power if he is chosen
as the Labour candidate.

Although the support
for Corbyn on the right is a tactic to destroy the Labour Party, it may do the
opposite. The reason they think Corbyn will be the nail in Labour’s
coffin is due to rightwing ideology and their inability to look past it. The
right truly believes that leftwing politics can and won’t ever work
and the right is the only side that can run a country successfully. They look
back at examples of Russia, Vietnam, Cuba and other leftwing parliaments to
justify the argument and they sell it to the UK newspaper reader with these big
examples as their evidence. Today, they use the example of Greece to suggest
that the policies of the left only damage economies and societies. But the
right are the only ones that believe this. What we are seeing here is something
truly strange: the right are sending out ideological propaganda and then
believing it when they read it back in the papers.

With recent turmoil
in Greece with their leftwing government, the scaremongering of having our own leftwing
government in Britain has begun. Corbyn’s policies
have been compared to that of Syriza, purely on the basis of their standing on
the political spectrum. We’re all aware that these political tactics
are extremely powerful (as seen in the 2015 general election with the Tories
bringing up the economic failings of the Blair and Brown premierships). The
worst thing about this is that our current government believes the tactics that
they are using.

The Tories will
continue to hope for a Corbyn win. Their analysis of the 2015 general election
suggests that they probably won’t be beaten by any Labour candidate in 2020
election, no matter who it is. For Labour to win, they need to regain Scotland,
fight in Tory battlegrounds and hold off the four million voters from UKIP who
damaged their chances in England. The tories don’t think any of
the Labour hopefuls can do this, but they believe Corbyn’s
leftwing policies would be far more damaging to the Labour Party than the rest
would. But this is only because they have come to believe their own ideology,
something we are all in danger of being guilty of.

This post was contributed to Everyday Analysis by Mitchell Agg, whose book ‘Towie: The Only Way is Eton, Why Young People Don’t Vote’ will be in bookshops soon!

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