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Guest post by Here Comes Everyone’s Adam Steiner

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed:
everything else is public relations.”
-George Orwell

Fear drives desire – we feel the lack of what is not – the loss
of a loved one, a lust denied, or stuff we want to buy but can never ...continue reading "ADAM CURTIS KNOWS WHY YOU HATE YOUR LIFE: PART 1"

A guest post by Stephen Lee Naish

“Dawn on Earth’s twin planet. A mighty space

hovers, dark and silent, above the battle

"It’s the Black Barracuda!

Christmas in the late 1980s my Dad, as a gift to himself, purchased a hefty VHS
camcorder. With his new toy he recorded me and my ...continue reading "DARK SIDE OF THE M.A.N.T.A FORCE"

One of the biggest trending hashtags in the past week has
been #CeciltheLion. The killing of a lion by a rich American has stimulated outpourings
of anger, disgust and sadness. The reporting of the story has run in
conjunction with a really shocking event: ‘migrants’ in Calais are dying in an
attempt to reach British ...continue reading "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: #CECILTHELION AND THE ‘MIGRANTS’"