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“Satellite’s gone, way up to Mars, Soon it will be filled with parking cars”

-Lou Reed, Satellite of Love

In his lecture at the end of The Martian, Mark Watney tells a theatre full of aspiring, dreamy-eyed astronaut candidates,and the audience: “At some point, everything is going to go south on you… and you’re going to say: ‘this is how I end.’ Now you can either accept that or you can get to work. … You do the math. You solve one problem…Then you solve the next one. … And if you solve enough problems you get to come ...continue reading "SPACE COWBOY CAPITALISM: THE MARTIAN"

At the risk of over-simplification, the French Marxist Louis Althusser’s development of his theory of ‘interpellation’ is incredibly useful for understanding the extent to which our subjectivity—or the discourses through which we can articulate what it means to be a ‘self’—is shaped by all manner of ‘simple’ and ‘everyday’ things, such as pop music. ...continue reading "HOW SOON IS NOW? INTERPELLATION AND POP MISERY"

Following a new advertising campaign in which tea cake giants Tunnock’s referred to their iconic Scottish snack as the ‘Great British Tea Cake’ and removed the Scottish Lion from its packaging, nationalists in Scotland have called for a boycott of the company. Some pretty severe anti-Tunnock’s sentiment from patriotic Scots can easily be discovered by a quick Google. ...continue reading "THE TUNNOCK’S TRAUMA: BISCUITS AND NATIONALISM"