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Deadline: June 20th 2016.

This summer Everyday Analysis will publish an online collection of articles on the subject of Politics in attempt to expand the conversations in our forthcoming book Politactics, out later in the year with Zero Books.

If you have an article on politics that you would like to contribute to the edition – please get in touch with us via our submissions page or via Facebook. Below are some of the themes we are interested in, but we are open to any other suggestions from potential contributors as well.

  • The refugee crisis and its representations
  • Internationalism and Nationalism
  • Technophilia and technophobia
  • Google, Facebook and the politics of technology
  • Politics and entertainment
  • Radicalism and revolution
  • The ‘left’ today
  • Capitalism as Artificial Intelligence

More information will be posted on the Everyday Analysis Facebook page, so follow us there as well.

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