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Following a new advertising campaign in which tea cake giants Tunnock’s referred to their iconic Scottish snack as the ‘Great British Tea Cake’ and removed the Scottish Lion from its packaging, nationalists in Scotland have called for a boycott of the company. Some pretty severe anti-Tunnock’s sentiment from patriotic Scots can easily be discovered by a quick Google. ...continue reading "THE TUNNOCK’S TRAUMA: BISCUITS AND NATIONALISM"

have a Christmas tree. This might not sound special, but in Shenzhen, a city of
15 million, we might even be the only ones who do. ...continue reading "THE POLITICS OF CHRISTMAS TREES IN CHINA AND GERMANY"

This article neither deeply respects nor violently chastises Martin Amis. As a result, it is going to look pretty unusual on the internet today. Very recently Martin Amis criticized Jeremy Corbyn and he is neither the first not the latest (since this was a whole day ago) to do so. Generally speaking, it’s good to ...continue reading "THE POLITICS OF NOT LEAVING MARTIN AMIS ALONE"

Slavoj Žižek explains: ‘in March 2003, Donald Rumsfeld’ – a man whose finger
was never too far from the button – ‘engaged in a little amateur
philosophizing about the relationship between the known and the unknown: “There
are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known
unknowns. That is ...continue reading "THE CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR WAR AND THE UNKNOWN KNOWN"

on from the previous article, which analysed the content of a specific meme attacking refugees,
this one – written concurrently – attempts to further dissect what motivates
such memes’ racism, through recourse to specific psychoanalytic concepts in the
Lacanian mode.

I must not all the same allow you to look at the future ...continue reading "REFUGEES AND THE RACISM CRISIS"

Syrian refugee apparently took a selfie on a decent mobile phone and it was not
okay with the right wing militants of Britain. At the moment a hate-fuelled
meme is doing the rounds on social media and it tells us some important truths
not only about the frighteningly fascist attitudes towards refugees in our
country but also about the role that the refugee is expected to play in the ideology
of right wing Britain. ...continue reading "A MODERN REFUGEE"

Guest post by Here Comes Everyone’s Adam Steiner

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed:
everything else is public relations.”
-George Orwell

Fear drives desire – we feel the lack of what is not – the loss
of a loved one, a lust denied, or stuff we want to buy but can never ...continue reading "ADAM CURTIS KNOWS WHY YOU HATE YOUR LIFE: PART 1"

A guest post by Stephen Lee Naish

“Dawn on Earth’s twin planet. A mighty space

hovers, dark and silent, above the battle

"It’s the Black Barracuda!

Christmas in the late 1980s my Dad, as a gift to himself, purchased a hefty VHS
camcorder. With his new toy he recorded me and my ...continue reading "DARK SIDE OF THE M.A.N.T.A FORCE"

One of the biggest trending hashtags in the past week has
been #CeciltheLion. The killing of a lion by a rich American has stimulated outpourings
of anger, disgust and sadness. The reporting of the story has run in
conjunction with a really shocking event: ‘migrants’ in Calais are dying in an
attempt to reach British ...continue reading "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: #CECILTHELION AND THE ‘MIGRANTS’"

The Labour leadership
election is proving to be a dull and meaningless contest. It’s
drawn-out, lengthy and three of the four candidates are ultimately ‘blue
Labour’. However, the fourth candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, differs hugely from the
likes of Burnham, Kendall and Cooper. Corbyn really is a traditional Labour
candidate and would put Labour’s place on ...continue reading "THE LEFT WANTS CORBYN, THE RIGHT WANTS CORBYN"