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Why are animals funny?

Television programs such as ‘Animals Do The Funniest Things’ and the animal sections of ‘You’ve Been Framed’ have long been part of our cultural life. But the rise of the internet ‘meme’ and the funny forwarded email has brought with it a more unregulated, more instantaneous culture of the animal, as thousands of pictures of […]

Turn “Can Do” Into “Can Did!”

Check out this nice little analysis of a cough-sweet wrapper by the Centre for Material Texts at Cambridge! Turn “Can Do” Into “Can Did!”

Its just Althusser Lego. That’s all it is.

WORBINING (WORD-COMBINING) These days sandwiching two words into one is everyday practice; perhaps the most common is ‘chillax’ (chill and relax) though ‘granter’ (great banter) also seems topical.  One can pretty much say anything, even ‘that house is shit, it’s a shouse’ and get a laugh without even having to explain oneself, as long as […]

Its just a Žižcake (Žižek Cheesecake). Thats all it is.

Moon and the Eternal Return of the Same

We should preface this with a spoiler alert which to ignore would entail learning the true meaning of ‘once and for all’. ‘“Alas, man recurs eternally! The little man recurs eternally!” ‘I had seen them both naked, the greatest man and the smallest man: all too similar to one another, even the greatest all too […]

Hiding Racism in the Racist Joke

An Everyday Analysis reader encountered the following joke in a newsletter from a society that organizes social events for international students visiting Britain: An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Latvian, a Turk, a German, an Indian, several Americans (including a southerner, a New Englander, and a Californian), an Argentinian, a Dane, an […]