Monthly Archives: May 2013

‘Drink Responsibly’ and the limits of the infinite

A current anti-excessive drinking campaign shares a strange quality with the alcohol adverts to which one would expect it to be opposed. The Drink Aware poster displays three young men on a night out, with the caption underneath ‘Where will your night end up?’ A label is attached to each ‘lad’ in the photo. Above […]

DJing: a resistance to standardised commodities?

There’s a status associated with owning a record player and having a great record collection, just like there is with doing anything ‘properly’ or ‘the old-fashioned way’. Owning a first edition of a book or a classic car is a statement, betraying our desire for authenticity in a world that keeps churning out new stuff […]

On the bicentenary of Richard Wagner

2013 is the bicentenary of the birth of the composer Richard Wagner. As was to be expected, opera houses and music festivals across Europe and North America have splashed out on all manner of productions of his ten most famous works (seven if you count the Ring as one work). For Wagnerians or just admirers […]

Tazreen Fashions Factory Photographs and their Reception

All links in this piece contain graphic images of death. ‘Must we celebrate [death’s] essence once more, and thus risk forgetting that there is still so much we can do to fight it?’ asks Roland Barthes in his essay from Mythologies entitled ‘The Great Family of Man’. It would appear that a photograph that has […]

Manning Up

It is a phrase which has become ubiquitous in recent years. You don’t feel like having another beer? Man up. Crying because you’ve just been dumped? Man up. Worried about a difficult conversation? Man up. The interesting thing about this phrase, though, is that no-one ever has to have it explained to them. It’s obvious. To […]

Cat vs. Rabbit: The Object of Desire

An Everyday Analysis contributor owns a rabbit who is currently in a stand-off with a cat through a window, as seen here. This ‘stand-off’ tells us something fundamental about the structure of our desires, and explains a major tenet of psychoanalysis.  This is that we do not truly want, nor could we handle, the realization […]

Nietzsche contra Dawkins

There is an amusing and puerile joke on Twitter. Whenever Richard Dawkins expresses his increasingly unpleasant bile towards Muslims, any other religious believer or, really, anyone who disagrees with him, people tend to respond with the words ‘Your a dick’. Interestingly, Dawkins calls these people ‘illiterate’, and puts a lot of store by grammar. His key […]