Monthly Archives: September 2013

Social Media Image-Crafting and Hyper-Analysis

Somewhat strangely, social media seems to have come under a renewed bout of criticism in recent weeks.  The focus for such criticism has been what social media itself is calling “image-crafting” and FOMO (see links). It seems that the most heinous of crimes one can commit on social media is that of trying to cultivate […]

Nooks and Kindles: Media en Abyme

The first chapter of Marshall McLuhan’s seminal work Understanding Media is entitled ‘The Medium is the Message’; along with ‘hot and cool media’ and the ‘global village’ this title has become something of an immediate catchphrase associated with the media ‘guru’, but we will look again to this chapter for its precise definition. ‘The medium is the […]

Modern Work, Modern Play

Take on the Twisters is the latest ITV dinnertime game show representative of a trend in mainstream modern play in emulating modern work. Its rules subject its contestants at various points to the element of chance, an increasingly popular technique in TV gaming that has begun to replace the level-playing-field formats of questions and answers – from which contestants […]