Monthly Archives: February 2014

Watching Your Weight

This Weight Watchers advert, on TV this week, has received criticism online on account of its implication that losing weight will make you closer to your family. The message is: skinny people make better mums! The criticism of the ad is of course fair, but just how much more ‘ideology’ than this is packed into […]


Britain’s coast has been ‘battered’ by storms, and there are more ‘assaults’ forecast for weeks ahead. The conventional metaphors in the news coverage point towards what went without saying from ancient mythology to Defoe: that storms are sent by the gods, that they personify them and manifest their sovereign force. But by 1843, the art […]

Playing at Being a Sportsperson at the Winter Olympics

If the voices chirping up in the national conversation to express with pleasant surprise just how much they’re currently enjoying the Moguls or the Curling sound familiar, that’s because you heard them four years ago, the last time the Winter Olympics rolled onto our television schedules. You may also have heard these voices more recently, […]

On Seeing Yourself on a Big Screen

These days, many large sporting events and concerts feature a big screen on which the audience can watch the action or performance as it is taking place, expanded to vast proportions. This footage may also be transmitted to a television audience, as during Wimbledon or Glastonbury festival. It often happens during these events that the […]

What is a Strike?

Last year the BBC reported a story on the confusion of children over where their food comes from: ‘cheese is from plants’, ‘pasta’s made of meat’, ‘fish fingers come from chicken’, etc. Despite the ambiguity that would have arisen over a kid hesitating an answer of ‘horse beef’, we should perhaps look to certain of the […]

Amazon Turk and Inevitable Capitalism

Amazon’s most amoral move yet is just around the corner. Amazon has been a household name for years and has long been a huge corporation, but in the last 12 months it has become synonymous with global capitalism in new ways. Criticisms of its tax ‘scandal’ are partly responsible, though these judgements were in fact slightly […]