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Deal or No Deal

Comedy often illuminates truths of which we are already half-aware. When describing his military-based game show Skirmish in his autobiography, Alan Partridge writes: ‘I hadn’t been so excited by a quiz show format since Noel Edmonds explained the winning formula for Deal or No Deal.’ The humour of Partridge’s comment is the blindingly obvious fact […]

Mimesis and The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie might look like a brightly coloured action-adventure film based on a plastic Danish construction toy. And it is. But it’s also the dramatisation of a debate about the relationship between art and reality which has been part of Western culture since at least Plato and Aristotle. This debate can be crystallised in […]

The Boarding Gate Queue and The Refusenik

The British preoccupation with queuing is well-documented, but the nuances of queues are strangely under-represented. There is a distinct difference, for instance, between the queue to get through airport security and the queues that congeal around hyped dining spots: while the latter carries an air of anticipation and enchantment, the former seems coercive and tedious. […]

Our first Guardian article is up: Jonathan the tortoise – slowly yet surely he wins over the human race. Click here!

Our first article at the Guardian is here! In it we return to the eponymous theme of our book; the online obsession with animals. With one foot in the grave and one in the distant past we analyse Jonathan the ancient tortoise’s popularity on the internet. Our first Guardian article is up: Jonathan the tortoise […]

Morrissey and Canonicity

                     Morrissey’s first book, his own Autobiography, came straight out as a Penguin Classic at the end of 2013, ‘a move’ – says Telegraph reviewer Neil McCormick – ‘that has offended purists – something that, [h]e suspects, was always part of [Mozza’]s intention.’ On the book’s back there is not the normal standout quotation from […]

Nymphomaniac: The Male Gaze Meets its Maker

Lars von Trier’s Antichrist came out at around the same time as James Cameron’s Avatar. There was something of a misplaced controversy at this moment, Antichrist bearing the brunt of it all whilst Avatar became the highest-grossing film of all time and garnered the odd Oscar… The reasons for the controversy surrounding Antichrist might seem […]