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Loving Football

     Oh Joey Garner!      You are the love of my life,      Oh Joey Garner!      I’d let you shag my wife,      Oh Joey Garner      I want ginger hair too      (Sung to the tune of Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You) Chances […]


 A couple of months ago, women started posting pictures of themselves with no make-up to various social media sites, using the tag #nomakeupselfie. At the same time, they publicly donated money to a cancer charity via text on their mobile phones. Soon, men started to donate money, too, but as #meninmakeup. This was not an […]

What’s Really at Stake in Women Serving on the Front Line?

The UK Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, has recently announced that a review into the issue of female soldiers serving in frontline infantry and tank units will be brought forward to this year, and has recommended that they should be allowed to do so. So far, the debate around this announcement has focused on women’s physical […]

Reading Childishly: A Case Study

‘The Octonauts’is a BBC children’s television program in which a group of anthropomorphised animals undertake adventures as deep-sea explorers. In one episode, Peso the Penguin is required to investigate an area of ocean known to be the habitat of a ‘vampire squid’. Hearing the frightening name of the creature, Peso initially fantasizes about a terrifying […]


Absolutely lovely to have our first US review come out today with CRITICAL THEORY. CLICK HERE

Sending Shit to UKIP

What began as a harmless protest became abject… As UKIP disseminated its racist election leaflets, people who aren’t racist decided to start sending the leaflets back to their Freepost address, sometimes with bricks attached, so as to cost UKIP more in taking receipt of them. People took it further, and began to send UKIP shit, […]

REVIEW in Open Democracy

Please check out this review of our book in Open Democracy CLICK HERE