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An Archive of Your Ex

Pop music has a longstanding interest in the way that traces of our former lovers remain stubbornly associated with places and material objects long after the affair is over. The jazz standards ‘I’ll be Seeing You’ and ‘These Foolish Things’, Bacharach and David’s ‘Always Something There to Remind Me,’ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Junk’ all adopt […]

The Knavery of David Cameron, The Foolery of the Coalition: A Note on Political Engagement

‘Whether dost thou profess thyself, a knave or a fool?’ is a question is asked by Lafeu of the Clown in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well. Jacques Lacan discusses the distinction in The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, and, in a move similar to Freud’s essay ‘The Antithetical Meaning of Primal Words’, finds a trajectory towards similarity […]

No Surprises: Kinder Eggs and Blue and Pink Economy

‘We do not advocate or promote our products as gender specific.’ This was how the Kinder Surprise brand addressed complaints about their new range, where the usual chocolate eggshell containing a plastic toy comes with a new pink or blue-tinted wrapper. So, this Easter, children can look forward to ‘limited edition’ superheroes, cars, etc. in […]

Use Your Imagination!

The above is a familiar command, which immediately conjures up the subject positions involved: the well-meaning parent and the obstinate child. But what does this injunction entail, and how do we follow it? 

 Does not the fact that the statement is a command already deconstruct it, pointing to the element within it that undoes […]

Record Store Day, and Why Home Taping Should Kill Music

It’s that time of year again; Record Store Day. As the likes of Joy Division, Nirvana, R.E.M., and Frank Zappa get set to have albums and singles posthumous- and post-disbandingly released and rereleased, and the cream of the crop of current artists and bands release special editions (including a reduction of The Flaming Lips’ genre- […]

Eat like an Animal: The Cave Man Diet

In 2013, the most searched-for weight loss method on Google was the ‘Paleo Diet’. Its basic premise is that we ought to eat like hunter-gatherers 10000 years ago, before the rise of agriculture: the meat of wild animals, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Since, the argument goes, human physiology has not evolved much in the mean […]

Hobby Lobby and I BELIEVE: The US Identity Crisis

Last week, the USA World Cup team lost to Belgium in a closely-fought game in which the US impressed, or so I’m told (I’m not a soccer fan). Right to the end the fans were still chanting : I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN! It sounds a little odd to the Brit, whose football chants are […]