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Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld: symbol versus allegory

Last week, it was announced that Jean Paul Gaultier – the French designer and one-time l’enfant terrible famous for his corset bras – will stop producing ready-to-wear clothes for both men and women in order to focus on his haute couture collections and perfume. For the fashion world, shock was followed by sadness: was this […]

Hegemony and Scottish Independence Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics

Commiserations to the people of Scotland. The ironic doppelgänger of that big word ‘Independence’ that will flash like a painful strobe light when UKIP cut deeper into the political landscape of this undeniably divided kingdom next year will no doubt be a bitter and cruel pill to have to swallow. Whilst the queen will have […]

Abyssal Cuteness

One of the latest videos to go viral in recent weeks centres around a young girl howling with despair at the thought of her baby sibling growing up, and her own fear of dying ‘at one hundred’. The general cyber consensus of this video, which has been seen over 28 million times on YouTube, is […]

Tim Hortons Utopia

  A guest post by Stephen Lee Naish Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons has been in the headlines of late due to the proposed merger/takeover by the Burger King conglomerate 3G for a whopping 12.5 billion dollars. In reality the merger means very little to the average Canadian wanting their morning double-double hit (double sugar, double […]

Universal Exaggeration

One of the reviewers of our book was reminded of Theodor Adorno’s famous remark about psychoanalysis: that in Freud’s work, only the exaggerations are true. In life, most people can be divided into those who exaggerate and those who do not, and those who can tolerate exaggeration in others and those who cannot. The crudest […]

X Factor: A Wormhole to Fame

A guest post by Stephen Lee Naish Every year I usually allow myself just one clip from the first week of X-Factor, just to ensure my curmudgeon is still intact and I’m not softening as the years go by. As usual I was in general disarray at the whole shambolic nature of the show. A young, sweet […]

TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY: Watching Money Move Around

There are 2 hours remaining of the Premier League’s Transfer Deadline Day. The clock counts down on SkySports, fans refresh the BBC Sport homepage, and those at work tune in to their radios as the tension mounts to find out which players will be moving to and from which clubs before the 11pm window closes.  […]