Monthly Archives: November 2014

Cover-Ups, Connectivity, and Misrecognition

‘Misrecognition is not ignorance. Misrecognition represents a certain organisation of affirmations and negations, to which the subject is attached. […] There must surely be, behind his misrecognition, a kind of knowledge of what there is to misrecognise.’ — Jacques Lacan, Seminar I Smiley Culture’s nephew, Merlin Emmanuel, reiterated the unofficial name for the British IPCC […]

Banter and its Vicissitudes

Suppose we take the recent rise and fall of Daniel O’Reilly, better known as Dapper Laughs, as an opportunity to examine the meaning of “banter” in 21st century Britain. It’s an opportunity which was missed by this site the last time the issue of “banter” really became newsworthy, in the shape of former Cardiff City […]

Health and Safety: Fear in the Mundane

A guest post by Stephen Lee Naish I have worked for over fifteen years in a retail/customer service environment. For the most part I enjoy it. I first worked with cameras and editing equipment, which began a continuing passion with films and filmmaking. I then moved into clothes retail; as I wore, and still do wear […]