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Hacked Off by The Interview

                 In the book What Should We Be Worried About?: Real Scenarios That Keep Scientists Up at Night the world’s leading scientists from all fields of study discuss the possibility of mankind’s decline or obliteration. Included are many fire and brimstone scenarios such as incoming comets, widespread pestilence, and natural disasters. Circumstances that if they […]

On Peshawar

On 16 December 2014 armed gunmen broke into a school killing at least 132 people and injuring many more. Almost exactly two years earlier on 14 December 2012 a lone gunman entered another school, in another country killing 26 people and leaving many others with life-altering injuries. The scale of these attacks is almost irrelevant; […]

Policing Pornography/Policing Fantasy

Policing Pornography/Policing Fantasy On Monday (1st December 2014) new legislation was introduced which places restrictions on what can be represented in Video on Demand pornography produced in the United Kingdom. The new rules bring Video on Demand regulation in line with the regulations for what can be shown in pornography sold in licenced sex shops. […]

Can you play football without balls?

A guest post by R.M. Christofides The study of football often meets resistance on these shores, a hangover from the Thatcher era’s view of it as unworthy of comment, a stupid game for stupid people, a culture of common sense anti-intellectualism in which Hillsborough was blamed on drunken hooliganism and tactical coaching was considered an […]