Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Left Wants Corbyn, The Right Wants Corbyn

The Labour leadership election is proving to be a dull and meaningless contest. It’s drawn-out, lengthy and three of the four candidates are ultimately ‘blue Labour’. However, the fourth candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, differs hugely from the likes of Burnham, Kendall and Cooper. Corbyn really is a traditional Labour candidate and would put Labour’s place on […]

When Something Fascist Happens: What the Queen’s Nazi Salute Shows Us

The biggest thing in today’s news is the video that has emerged from 1933-4 showing the 7-year-old queen raising her hand in a Nazi salute along with her mother and her uncle, who would go on to become King Edward VIII. The Sun, who uncovered the video, made a point of focusing their criticism away […]