Monthly Archives: September 2015

Adam Curtis Knows Why You Hate Your Life – Part 2

The second guest post by Here Comes Everyone’s Adam Steiner In part 1, I riffed about the first spark of targeted marketing that gave rise to “the manufacturing of consent”; controlling voter behaviours based upon personal desire. Now I want to talk about how this evolved into a direct one-to-one relationship between market forces and […]

Refugees and the Racism Crisis

Following on from the previous article, which analysed the content of a specific meme attacking refugees, this one – written concurrently – attempts to further dissect what motivates such memes’ racism, through recourse to specific psychoanalytic concepts in the Lacanian mode. ‘Since I must not all the same allow you to look at the future […]

A Modern Refugee

A Syrian refugee apparently took a selfie on a decent mobile phone and it was not okay with the right wing militants of Britain. At the moment a hate-fuelled meme is doing the rounds on social media and it tells us some important truths not only about the frighteningly fascist attitudes towards refugees in our […]