Closure of Everyday Analysis

It is with heavy hearts that after 3 and a half years we must announce the retirement of the Everyday Analysis project. For a great variety of reasons, Everyday Analysis has run its course and we want to give a brief statement here about the project and, most of all, a great big thank you to everyone who has been involved since it all began in a rainy Manchester in late December 2012.

In its 3.5 years of life EDA has involved several hundred people, including writers, publishers, editors, illustrators and administrators. Each and every one of these has played a role in creating a genuine collaborative platform for cultural and political analysis. In this time we have published three books with Zero Books, been featured on websites including The Guardian,Thought-Catalog and The Huffington Post and been lucky enough to publish the work of some of the best illustrators and cultural critics in the UK and beyond. By 2015 the project had become truly international and has published work from almost everywhere, including China, the US and dozens of European countries. In 2016 the Italian branch of EDA was launched. We are immensely proud of what EDA has been able to do and how many fantastic people have been part of it. Some highlights include that time we talked about Derrida and tortoises in the national papers, that time the greatest living satirist drew a picture for our critique of David Cameron, and that time we hosted a conference where a paper on Sending Shit to UKIP stole the show.

A special message is due to those of you who submitted articles in response to our CFP for an online issue of the journal on Politics. There have been a lot of wonderful submissions from across the world, and it is hard to announce that we will not be publishing these. In the end though, since the project was so close to closure, we decided that it was in the best interests of the authors to return their wonderful work, so that it can be published elsewhere and receive the coverage it deserves.

Much has changed since 2013. In our personal and working lives we no longer have the time to run the project that Everyday Analysis deserves to be, and the increasing dearth of arts funding makes it financially impossible. 

Furthermore, we are in a different political situation today to that which we found ourselves in late 2012. A Hegelian analysis of Nyan Cat or a theoretical critique of the latest advert seems no longer to help us in this moment of political crises which Agamben has recently described as a moment of stasis, a moment which calls us to engage differently with our political futures. With this in mind, we are delighted to say that our final book POLITACTICS, is to be released this October. The book offers a conversation about the political future and how we might collaboratively change it in light of the new challenges that we face. It is the perfect way for Everyday Analysis to say goodbye and for us all to work towards future collectivity in new ways. Pre-order it!

Once more, the greatest thanks to everyone who has contributed to and supported the project over many fantastic years.

In Solidarity,
Daniel, Alfie, and the rest of the EDA team



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